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Here are Some Pictures From Previous Sales:

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Estate Services

  • Consultation

    • We offer all clients a free initial consultation. 
    • Our first piece of advice to all potential clients is "DON'T THROW ANYTHING AWAY!" 
    • Many times we find that a client doesn't see the value in an item and disposes of something that could be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 
    • We ask that you seek an initial walk through before discarding anything.
  • Initial Walk Through

    • Our initial walk through generally takes 30-45 minutes. 
    • An agreement is reached between the client and Woodward Estate Services llc, and a contract is signed to begin services.
  • Research

    • We inventory, photograph, and research values for each of your items. 
    • We'll  price your possessions to be competitive with the current market.
  • Staging

    • Our team evaluates the space we have to work with and designs a floor plan for traffic flow, esthetics and security for the estate sale.
    • All Items are checked to ensure they are cleaned, polished, and ready to be photographed.  These photos will be included in the advertising.
  • Advertising

    • Once photographed, advertising is posted online with our advertising partners. 
    • We list your sale on multiple social media sites. 
  • Sale day

    • Signage is posted 1 hour before sale begins. 
    • Sale hours on Saturdays are 9am-3pm 
    • Sale hours for Sundays are 9am-3pm. 
    • Customers that arrive early receive a card to hold their place in line.
  • Final Closure of Contract

    • Final payment is sent to the client within ten (10) working days from completion of all projects stated in the statement of work.


  • consignment pieces

    • Interested in consigning just a few items and not the entire household?  We can set up a consultation for this too!
    • We can discuss the details with you to add your selected items to our consignment shop or include them in one of our future estate sales if you do not have enough to sell in your own estate sale.
  • looking to consign?

    • Please visit the contact page